Running balance on numbers above 10,000,000


It is consistenly giving me errors when I use mass execute run balance functions when the account has high amounts above 10 millions.

When it pulls the initial balance (link and load) from the account balance, it gets a 1.xxxxxxxx number instead of the real number.

Another snapshot. See the 10million threshold.


Would you please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database, fill up the form with information:

  1. url of the sheet you currently run into this issue with
  2. steps to reproduce this issue
  3. screenshot of the issue
  4. click “Grant Access Right to Ragic Support Team”

So that we can look into your database and check.


I have submitted ticket.
I have found the problem happens if the amount is above 10million AND have decimals.

They have fixed this. Today I tested with 8 digit numbers+decimals and it is working well.

Thanks Ragic Team.