Running balance on large amounts of data

Hello, I have warehouse of goods where each position has It’s own sheet. Inside of sheet I have sub table (generated from other sheets) in which we can see how many pcs., when and who has taken. Based on records in sub table main sheet calculates running balance. It’s ok when we have 100…200 records. But in positions where amount of records in sub table is ~1000 it gets super SLOW. How can I improve loading speed? Because I constantly need to edit initial amount of particular position when I receive new deliveries.

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The issue might result from too many rows in a subtable. If you have more than 100 rows in the subtable within an entry, it’s highly likely that the system will be slow. We’ll suggest creating a new sheet by new sheet from subtable and then creat enties in the sheet newly created.

This is exactly like this:

This is the main problem. Then I receive additional parts I need to update (increase amount) a particular warehouse sheet. So as time is running amount of record increases and system goes slower and slower.


I would suggest sending a support ticket via “Need Help” and grant Ragic Support access to your database so that we could have a better understanding of your design and maybe we could give you some advice to adjust the structure to prevent this.