Running balance. 2 ways to do it?


In this tutorial ,
the author uses an action button “Create update record button” to add the [transation id]![amount] to the [acount balance]![current balance] and keep it updated.

In this video tutorial by Berrin ,
she uses the formula LAST(new balance) in the [account balance]![current balance] field to keep the running balance without the need of action buttons. This way seems more logical to me.

My question is: Will using the first method with action buttons have significant advantage in big databases?


Using action has some advantages:

  1. Sometimes not all the entries follow the rules or you don’t want all the entries be be calculated, so using action buttons will be better. You can decide when you want this entry to be calculate.

  2. You can configure that action buttons can only be executed after approval, but the formula will
    be executed when you’re typing entries.

  3. You can add some advanced setting such as create a new subtable record, recalculating the entry…etc. in your action button which makes your button more powerful.

Thanks Phil

There is another way of doing running balances with some conditioning. By using SUMIF formula to sum the quantitties only when the field “status” is “complete”. Like the template PSI lite.

But you are right, there is a whole world to explore with action buttons. With code it should be faster to calculate the balance when the database gets big as it won’t have to recalculate all the transactions in the history. Instead by just taking the current balance and adding the amount of the new transaction it is done.

Is it possible to add the transaction amount to other running totals to create a trial balance with maybe a drop down of accounts etc.
Thank you.


Not quite sure how you would like it to be displayed, would you mind sharing some examples with maybe a screenshot so we could take a closer look?

Hi ok will let you see when back. Thank you.

Hi I would just have a list of all incomings like image ledger and have something like trial produced even on a pdf

Thanks for any help


If you’ve created a sheet that manage the data, maybe you could try pivot table to analyze credit and debit respectively

Then you could copy and paste the reports to other spreadsheet and go to the next step.
If you would like to turn the data into the second pic you attached directly on Ragic, it might need custom scripting to bring out the report.