Roadmap of Ragic

Dear Ragic Team,
is there any sort of roadmap for the further improvement of Ragic that you can communicate or inform the users of Ragic about? I would be very interested in hearing about the plans and the timeline that you have in mind of improving Ragic with new features, functionalities and integrations.
In general, what is the big picture for innovations in Ragic, what can users expect in the next 2-3 years in Ragic? Are any innovations coming up in terms of integrating with e.g. Nextcloud, Onedrive, GoogleDrive, etc.
It would be nice, if the Ragic team could communicate regularly what is on the agenda and what can be expected.
I am pretty sure this will also be of interest for many other power-users of Ragic.
Thanks and best regards.



We release new features and fix bugs through regular updates every week. To stay informed about the latest developments, please refer to the upper right corner of the database homepage where you can find the latest news.

As we have an extensive range of feature updates planned, we are unable to disclose specific details at this time.

Regarding the integration, you may use Zapier to integrate Ragic with Google Drive, also with Onedrive.
If it can not meet your need, please provide more detail and the scenario for us to refer to.

Please noted that integrating Ragic with other platforms requires thorough research and confirmation, which may result in longer development timelines. We cannot make any guarantees regarding the availability or release dates of these integrations. We appreciate your understanding as we work towards providing the best possible support and functionality.