Reuse Field Selections

I would like to reuse data in a selection drop down without having to add it to each line, or change each line whenever a new selection is added. For instance. I have several lines in the form with the field name “Line Item”. The field is a selection list. Each line chooses a different line item selection, but each line should have the same list of options to choose from. Example: The selection options are Green, Blue, Orange, Red, etc. For each line one of the options is chosen from the selection menu. I want to be able to use this field in any form without having to copy and past the list for every line. I also want to be able to add new options to the list when adding data, and have the selections update for every line. Is this possible?


We currently don’t support syncing options lists between fields. From your description, we would suggest managing line items via a subtable so that all rows will refer to the same option lists.