restrict sheet or fields to single user

Completely new here appreciate the patience.

We understand the use of access rights, but are unclear on:

  1. Is this where we ask for help like this?

  2. If we want to restrict editing of a field/column to a specific user, we understand how we create a multiple version of a sheet and then can restrict which fields, but it seems we can only assign restriction based on User Groups? Or, how can we design so the system knows only to show records assigned to a specific user to view/edit after login versus restriction to an entire group? We don’t think we should create a User Group for an individual user per se, but maybe that is the only way to accomplish?

Thx again for patience. We will learn quickly.


This feature request (setting sheet access for individual users) has been forwarded to our developers and we’ll get back to you when we have more details about it.


We have just completed an update to allow user-based access rights settings on your Ragic sheets instead of only group-based access rights settings.

If possible, please test if it is working as expected and let us know if there are any related problems.