Require a Value if A Field has a Certain Value

I have a field, “For Sale”. If the value is “Yes”, I want to require the field “Asking” to have a value. Is that possible?


You can assign IF() conditional formula:

Hi Amy,

  1. How do we tell Ragic the field may not be empty dynamically using IF( in a formula as the formula does not tell Ragic that Asking is mandatory?

  2. On the same topic you can also use conditional formatting to a degree and display a message but this also does not make a field mandatory. Would it not be helpful to add a function “MAKE FIELD NOT EMPTY” like you have HIDE, SHOW, …?

Last question regarding the above image is how do you test for a blank value. Using ‘’ two single quotes does not work and there is not option for IS EMPTY.

Thanks in advance

I get it to work if I leave the field blank. However, in my example above, if it “For Sale” is “Yes” but I have yet to get to the “Asking” field, the message appears, but I am still allowed to save the record.