Reports slow to generate & how many report views at a single time

Hi Yah Support,

Testing a couple of reports and again seeing problems…what I’m finding is a lot of “You already have a report running” messages appearing when testing. When testing a mobile view of the reports which are embedded into one of our web pages it takes forever and a day to generate and when it does get to the Ragit preloading screen it then sits there or I see just a blank page.

Also how many single instances can a report being viewed, if the report is on our website and the page gets viewed the same time or more or less the same time by sales reps or management it seems everyone sees the “You already have a report running” and then it just sits there.


Would you please let us know if you still encounter this issue? If yes, would you please submit a ticket from “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > “Support Ticket” for us to look into with?


Only seen this message once today, not as frequent as before. You can close this ticket and if it persists I’ll escalate it via the Need Help :slight_smile: