Reports - Processing data and conditional label printing

Hello, I’m looking to understand two problems and how difficult they will be to solve.

The first is regarding using reports to print labels for records in the sheet only if a certain field is empty. I’m tracking items that are often kept inside other items. Any record has an optional field that points to the record it is stored inside so any record that requires a label, this field is empty and these are the ones I wish to print labels for.

Secondly regarding excel export. Is it possible to do any processing during the export. Such that items within the same container are grouped together and a calculation performed on a specification field to give a total for the container?


You can filter the entries with empty fields by the left sidebar and save it as a shared view. Then, you’ll be able to apply the shared view in your report.

Exporting does not support processing the calculation. However, you can try if the grouping report works for your case.