Hi Folks,

I am trying to use the mail merge function to create an advanced report for customers.
When we go and visit a customer to do inspections we record any faults as entries in ragic so we can get them fixed and closed, but need a report that says “x” customer has these many faults and here is all the photos of the issues.
The mail merge seemed the most logical way to do this as could select the customer so created a report to add all the issues and photos.
Unfortunately cannot get the thing to run; it generates the QR code and then rest of the report is blank out of the template…

Any ideas?


Hi Dale,

When using Mail Merge, syntax needs to be added into the template you uploaded on Ragic, such as <> for general fields and #field name# for subtable, to make sure that the system can export data into your custom template accordingly.
Please note that currently subtable exporting is only supported within Excel format.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact Ragic Support and send us your sheet URL or screenshots to tell us more about the issue you’re having.