Report - use of colours

I have asked before but why can’t we use basic colours in reports so that it makes them easier to read.
The grey ‘grid lines’ on reports are very hard to see.
I know that we can export them into excel etc but this is time consuming and just not feasible if you want a number of reports.
This is really annoying and making reports hard to read.
There are many items in reports that need to stand out, like something overdue or running late etc and need the ability to be highlighted in colour.
I’m sure that it would be something that many other users would welcome.

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What specific report are you referring to? Please provide clear details about the report functionality, usage examples, or any relevant information to help us better understand your request. Thank you.

This is not ‘report specific’ it would greatly enhance reports of all types when printed out.
The grid lines are very faint and hardly noticeable which makes reports with lots of details and columns very hard to read.
We have full use of colours in all the on screen tables etc but not able to print out anything other than black & white.
If using Excel you can highlight columns/rows/grids and text, why can’t we use anything like this in Ragic?
I regularly print out updated reports as and when needed but to export into Excel and then highlight columns/rows/lines etc is not practical.
This type of function is available in most report generators as standard, surely it can be done in Ragic.
As I said, this is not report specific but to be able to use on all reports just like the input screens.
Using Ragic is great but the repots let it down.
Please can something be done to enable report colours etc.
Thank you.
PS I have asked for this a number of times but nothing ever happens other than ‘it will be looked into’
Thank you.

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Agree with @ypshows: Excel stinks for a lot of things, but creating decent-looking tabular reports is not one of them.

Being able to choose the print scale, column widths, row heights, linetype (especially a hairline), and colours for text/background in cells/columns/rows for reports would make Ragic much more useful, and reduce reliance on third-party tools like Excel. Once data has escaped the database (i.e. by forcing users to export to Excel) then it’s stale, and updating reports with fresh information is a chore.

It annoys me that the colours I apply to Ragic via conditional formatting are maintained when showing a Print Friendly view, but NOT when actually printing that Print Friendly view!

I’ve been trying to do everything within Ragic, but that might not (yet) be possible. I guess I might have to look at using Excel’s PowerQuery to re-process raw data exported from Ragic… but I DON’T WANT TO.


Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your request to our development team, and if there are any updates regarding this feature, we will inform you.

However, we would like to explain that due to the numerous feature requests we receive from our users, it is challenging for us to provide an exact timeline for implementation. We appreciate your patience in this matter.


Thank you for your response. Here’s some information about the “printer-friendly” feature that may help resolve the color issue you mentioned.

We believe this should address your concern, but if it doesn’t, please make sure to provide us with a screenshot of your screen so that we can better understand the problem.

If you are unable to provide it here, please contact our customer support through the “Need Help?” option located in the top right corner of your database, and they will assist you in resolving the issue.