Report design from scratch

Hi. I may be a bit dense. How can I create a report from scratch? None of the reports listed give me the design I need. Many thanks.

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Hi Jeff,

Are you referring to creating your own report tool in Ragic apart from our existing report tools? If so, it’s currently not supported.
And please feel free to provide some detailed information regarding the report in your mind so we can also forward your needs to our develop team!

You can also consider using mail merge to create Word / Excel reports. But it’s not aggregated reports, it’s based on a single record.

Thanks, all. I found the report template that will work for me. I am, however, having trouble making formulas work. Very frustrating. Is there a page where I can find a complete formula reference so I can figure out what I’m doing wrong? Many thanks again!

Hi Jeff,

For the formuals supported in Ragic, you may refer to this article.

If you need further support on formulas, please feel free to send us a ticket to our support team by clicking on the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database.

Okay, here is an example of where I’m lost. Here is a formula I’ve created, and I’ll explain it.


I’m a volunteer book review editor. I track books that reviewers have received, and compute the date due, 30 days from when the book is received. I’m computing column L, when is date review is due. Column k contains the date the reviewer has received the book. Column n indicates whether the review has been received. I’m testing that the cell is column k is not empty, and the cell is column N is empty, i.e., the review has not been received. I then place in column L the computed date – date book received plus 30 days. Otherwise, it’s blank.

What’s wrong with my formula? I’m completely lost. Feel free to open the spreadsheet yourself – no privacy issues here.

Thanks again.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply.
Please kindly note that our formulas works case sensitive. Hence, please use IF() and AND() and test if the formulas can work correctly.

Is this correct?


It’s not working. I can’t get a new date to generate in the appropriate column. Sigh. Thanks again.

Hi Jeff,

Would you mind to send us a ticket, by clicking on the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database, so that I could check your sheet design and formulas?

Done. Thanks again.

Hi @jeff.needle
Could you please post an update if the support team solve this for you?
And also what the correct formula turned out to be?

I’ll get to it later. Thanks.

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