Removing New lines using CHAR(10)


I am using the following on a field and it does not remove the new lines.
SUBSTITUTE(A16, CHAR(10) , " ")

Please help


This is not to help (sorry, could not make it work), just to add some info.

I also tried SUBSTITUTE(A15, char(32), ‘-’) - does not work,
but SUBSTITUTE(A15, ’ ', ‘-’) works

I’ve tested this function and it works:

If it’s not working on your side, please check if your line break is actually added by html tag (e.g. “\r\n”), if so, you should substitute the “\r\n” instead of CHAR(10).

If you are not sure what is the actual value of your line break saved in the database, you can submit the ticket and share your record url with us.

Worked perfectly thanks a ton