Removing accounts and templates

Good morning.
I have a few accounts which it is getting confusing and wondered how to delete them.
Also how do I remove templates.
Thank you for any help.


For the database accounts that you no longer need, you can delete account. If you’re not the owner of that database and you don’t want to access the database anymore, please contact the SYSAdmin.

To delete sheets or tabs, please refer to this article.


My Ragic account is linked to 2 databases, says A and B.
I am the owner of database A; and a SYSAdmin of database B
Database A was created for testing the Ragic system and is no longer active; while B is actively in use.

  1. Will it impacts my access and entries in B, if I click Delete My Account in DB Maintenance Menu to A?

  2. How will it affect users that were linked to A?
    Part of the reason I want to delete A is that I want to unlink my colleague with A.

Thank you.


  1. It will not affect your access rights in database B if you delete database A.
  2. Users won’t have access right to database A. The deletion will not affect their access rights in other databases.

If you simply wish to prevent your colleagues from logging into database A, you can suspend them.