remove link from calendar entries

is it possible to remove the website link from a calendar item created from an entry? Or is that just always going to be there?


If you’re referring to event calendar on the homepage, you can remove it via the gear icon:

If this isn’t what you’re asking for, may we have a screenshot of the link you would like to remove for us to refer to?

When you use the “sync with calendar” to push entrys to a subscription ical, it automatically appends a link to the entry in the description. Is there a way to make it not do that? I generate links to open the app instead, so its not needed.


After discussing with our development team, we should be able to add a configuration for your to decide if you would like to bring up this information (source entry link) or not before generating the sync iCal link.

We will notify you once it’s supported!


This configuration is now supported! You can re-generate the iCal link and import to your calendar app to have the events without displaying the source Ragic record url.

Brilliant but how do we get to this new setting.


As the screenshot shown in previous reply, you will need to re-generate the iCal link, and the new function is in the ui marked in the screenshot.