Remove image from record

i have a record with some image upload fields. The Image upload works fine and displays the image. How do i remove that image though ?. if i click on it there is only the option to replace the image.
This is on a PC btw. There is a trashcan icon on the Mobile app.


I had the same issue, just click the backspace in windows while on the file field, not sure what that is on Mac.

Thanks :). It seems to work but only if you make other changes to the record to force it to save ( i have autosave on)

I found i can right click sometimes and choose cut. but that has the same problem.
Also i have another problem with file uploads. Once these have been attached ( maybe an MP3) there is no way to remove it.

Can i ask that someone look at this problem ?


Hi Chris,

All the uploaded files/images should be able to be removed by focusing on the field, clicking “delete”, “backspace” or “space”. If you encounter the issue of deleting uploaded files of specific file format or entry, please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > “Support Ticket” with the entry url and the field name of the issue for us to look into with.


I realise the problem i was having. I have Autosave on, so when i removed an attached file/image it wouldnt update the form unless i altered something else too.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update. In this case it sounds correct since the system need to identify if the change is made and should be saved if you focus on somewhere else after updating the data, it’s same behavior on google sheet as well.