Regex in a formula to find value to link to record in another sheet.

Hi there, I’m moving my application over from Airtable and I’m trying to carry over some of my fields and can’t figure this one out.

I’m trying to isolate the value of a job number that is in a field containing Gmail labels, in Airtable I used a formula field containing RegEx. Is this possible Ragic where A5 cell is my value of gmail labels? Once i have the job# isolated I would like to push this into a linked Job field, so that the record is linked to the Job in the Jobs sheet.

A5 = 3D Projects/21-989, \Important, \Inbox
Airtable Formula = REGEX_EXTRACT((A5),"\b\d{2}-\d{3,4}\b")
A6 = 21-989
A7 = Linked Job# field where 21-989 is an existing possible value in Jobs Sheet.

Previously I used Integromat to watch Gmail label, if a new message is labeled it will create a record with A5 = all gmail labels, A6 finds the Job string.

How do I push A6 into A7 so it will link to the jobs record automatically. I tried putting A6 in the default value for A7 but that doesn’t work so far.

Thank You!!


Currently, Regex is not supported to be in a formula on Ragic. And formulas only do the calculation on the field values in same record. The use case scenario above which might be achieved by Javascript. This is our Javascript workflow engine guide which could referred to.

Thank you, I’ll look into this but I’m not a javascript expert. However, I think i can do the regex in integromat before it gets to the record.

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