Reflect Subtable entry on listing page

i have a subtable which has a Issue Resolved Column. I have 3 options for this column
Yes, No or In Progress.
What i would like to do is reflect this on the Listing page. I cant do this directly from the subtable so this is the next best thing.
If there are any entries in the Resolved column which are No or In Progress i can set a field on the form. This field can then be shown on the listing page.
How would i set this field ?


Subtable fields can’t be displayed on the listing page. To achieve what you’ve described, you’ll need to convert the subtable fields into regular fields via the “New sheet from subtable”. Then, you’ll be able to put the “Issue Resolved” field on the listing page. (Note: you may use the “Link fields from parents sheets” to add more field from parent sheet.)

Hi Angie,
i did this instead which works great for my purpose.

Create a number field and use the formula COUNT(J12) - COUNTIF(J12,“Yes”)
This just tells me the number of unresolved issues :slight_smile:
Nothing mind blowing but it pleased me :slight_smile: