Referencing data from other sheets to show monthly totals

I’ve created a form for each customer showing how much they’ve paid in each month.

So John’s form shows how much he’s paid in Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. and Mary’s form shows how much she’s paid in Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.

So let’s say I have 100 customers. I want to show the monthly totals on a new form/sheet/whatever. So the new sheet needs to show a total for January which adds John’s Jan figure to Mary’s and all the others and then does that for Feb, Mar, etc.

It seems like a common use and I expect has a simple solution but I can’t find it despite searching for hours. Anybody able to help a total newb?


From your description, it can be achieved with the grouping report.

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That looks like it except my data is in a subtable and when I create the grouping report and click “click here to select fields” it only shows me the main table fields.

This might help


Please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Create a “Month” selection field to input the month instead of via the description field.

Step 2. Use new sheet from subtable to turn the subtable into a linked sheet

Step 3. Generate the grouping report based on the new sheet.

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