Reference subtable date filters

I’ve been reading through the help materials and community pages but can’t find what I’m looking for.

I have a product table, and the form page shows a reference subtable giving details of orders made with the order date and other information.

I’m trying to apply a date filter from the sidebar that will apply to the product form page on the reference subtable. I can see the order date field in the side bar, but when I run a search from the sidebar, it moves away from the selected form and applies the search to all records in the product table. I need the filter to apply to the reference subtable.

The reference subtable headers include filters, but the options don’t include selecting a date within a calendar window.

Hi George,

Searching subtable fields from left side bar is to filter out the “entries” that there are subtable entries match the queries you made from left side bar. (Searching from whole sheet) And it won’t affect reviewing subtable entries.

And searching from subtable headers would filter out the “subtable entries”. (Filtering from subtable entries)

Currently filtering from subtable headers is as same as filtering from field headers on the listing page that you can only filter with free text.

Are you looking for filtering with query that is a date range to the subtable? If so, you might need to use regular expression.

Thanks Amy. I got a regular expression to work in a search for a calendar month. But it’s not a friendly UI I want to hand over to my clients.

I notice that the fields shown in the left side bar are drawn from the form page shown and then there’s a faint grey line. Below the grey line are the fields from the subtable.

As a suggestion for development, why not make any searches or filters in the fileds in the left sidebar apply to the relevant part of the page displayed. So below the grey line, searches/filters apply to the subtable. That’s why they are showing in the sidebar and it seems obvious to me that they should apply to the subtable.