Redesign the Backup/Restore functionality.


I’ve been working on a few major changes to my database (3000+ records) and before doing so I took a snapshot with a 250mb file size. After trying a few things (which didn’t work out) I want to restore the database. It’s still restoring over an hour later and I can’t get into the account settings and other parts of the site without an error page showing:

There’s an error processing your request.
There’s an error processing your request, please try again later. If this message persists, please e-mail us at and provide us with the error transaction id: 1587301052944
your log in e-mail
the function that you’re using when you see this message.

I’m not too concerned as I had this issue before and all I had to do was wait until the reload completes. But an hour is a very long time.

We should be able to make and download snapshots and copies of our data but to restore a database we should be able to do this direct from Ragic’s server instead of having to download a copy then reuploading the same copy into the restore function. This is crazy!

250 MB takes me about 5 minutes to download but upload speeds are very slow. So without any upload progress bar (most browsers don’t show this) I am left wondering if the system is still uploading my file or has it failed. Has the system received my file and is it running the update or has the update failed? There’s nothing to tell me what’s happening which is very poor for user experience.

Can I ask that you look at this and provide us with a system where we can save a snapshot to your server and then we can restore from there? That would remove the upload/download issue. Then provide us with some feedback on restore progress?

Over an hour and a half now and I can’t do anything on the site because it’s still not finished restoring (unless it’s failed and I don’t know about it). And I can’t access the account settings page to do anything else.

Thanks very much.

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