Recent Support Ticket! "Trouble with Link&Load"

Thanks for getting back to me mate!

I kind of need to leave the current link and load on the Primary Owner field, and I was hoping to use this existing link and loaded which can either be the ref # alone or and the name, nothing else is available from the Property Owner sheet (at the moment). So, I was hoping to then also link and load more info into the Property Owner sheet, from the contacts sheet instead, directly, in a new link and load to the Contact sheets, directly.

This actually seemed like a good idea at the time, seeing that if I were to just put more existing contact information into the Property Owners sheet in the first place it would not be needed there. So why put it there! I thought!

I see why now, because Ragic does not support creating another link and load, link or load, ha ha, like you said to an already loaded field.

For good reason actually, I will now explain!

So the question is then why would you want to load to a loaded field, in the first place? Where has data is already presented there? And alternatively, why would you possibly want to create yet another key field link when one is already present, anyway?

After investigation, I now understand all this, clearly and it is quite satisfactory indeed! So, I may write up on this is the Forum now!

So now, back to the original link and load, :slight_smile: this is getting interesting, as mentioned it came from the Property Owners sheet to the Property Unit sheet, the sheet we are working on…

"and as we said the new additional link and load that we were trying to add additionally, directly from the contact sheet has been disbanded, as it already has information from the Contacts sheet in it already and we could just add more to it apparently anyway, and we can’t link and load to it also, again, anyway! "

So, we take the existing information in the link and load luckily already present from the Contacts sheet in it, and add to it more information, yes, so then we no longer needed to add additional link and load, in the first place, that we could not do, anyway, to the contacts sheet, anyway, as I am now explaining!

Great so this proves that we do not need to use an addition link and load on top of another one. That which" is not supported!

We can just do a sort of “merry go wrong” and put the additional link and loads on to the sheet where the data is coming from, instead, in the first place, waw, and then get it from there, and, you could effectively repeat this process indefinitely. I can’t wait to try it out!

In my case here, though, if you noticed, the additional “merry go wrong” if you would, already existed, so I did not need to add an additional link and load, that way, anyway, just had to add, or have to add actually… some more data to what is present already!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Thanks again!


Comments welcomed!

Hello peeps!

I’ve got something to add here!

Actually, I have now been able to get this to work! In fact, I have link and loaded from an already loaded field in the past!

However, in this case t’was a little different! And, so, I contacted support and they said that it does not work, but I was sure it did in the past, but no, this time it was a little different let me explain!

The load information that I wanted from another sheet, was not present as such, it was instead in a sub table, so I extracted it with the use of a VLookUp, then tried to load it to the Property Unit sheet that I was working on. However, as we saw it did not work!

So I tried again, this time I changed the field type from on the Property Unit sheet field, with the formula that retrieves the contact # from the aforementioned subtable, to a “select from other sheet” instead, then I went back to the Property unit and tried Link and Load again directly from the contact’s sheet! And viola! It worked!

Hope I described my experience here well enough!

Anyway, best of luck for you all with your Link & Loads, it’s definitely a little bit of trial and error, but it all does start to make sense!

Till next time! Take care!