Recalculate all formulas on related sheets - Auto unselect!

Hi Ragic team,

I was looking at the possibility of the using the following feature:-

Form Setting>Form Setting>Recalculate all formulas on related sheets

However, I noticed that once selected all multiple versions of the sheet I was working on, as to be expected, also had the this feature selected.

But when I de-selected the option, I noticed that it was only de-selected on the sheet that I am working on, and not on any of the other multiple versions as well.

I found this strange and thought I’d better run it by you.

Seeing that they are multiple versions, then all changes will be reflected in all sheets anyway, so long as they have the same data source.

So, I can’t see why this option is not auto-deselected on all version, such as it is auto-selected in the first place.

I’m sure you get my drift! If I unselect it on one sheet and it remain on the other versions, then the data will be recalculated on the sheet that I am working on anyway in that case, no! So, this change as I see it, should happen on all multiple versions, no?

Let me know if I have missed something here, and/or if have got this wrong on my end!

Thanks in advance!


Hi Kane,

In theory, the settings between multiple versions of a form won’t synchronize; they will only share data. So when you initially selected “Recalculate all formulas on related sheets” in one version of the form, the other version wouldn’t have this option selected automatically.

Therefore, please double-check your form design or settings again. Thank you.