Randomise selection, multi-selection and checkbox options?

Would it be possible to have a feature where options that can be selected in forms could be randomised on each record?

Eg options A, B, C, D, E will currently show up in the order that they were entered on the design. If they could be randomised, then record one might offer them in order of C, A, B, E, D, record two as E, B, C, D, A etc etc. This could be on the design tab to allow the person setting up the form to select random order for these types of fields!

This would be very useful for survey data collection where the first option is more likely to be selected and later options less likely - so that this sort of bias is eliminated.

We will be doing an update tomorrow which includes this new configuration for our Web embed forms! :slight_smile:


Now you’ll be able to display the options randomly when setting up the embed form: