Random auto generate, unique

Hello all,
is there a way to set a field as auto generate, unique, but random not sequential?
I would like some document number to be uniquely generated but not in sequence.
Need a sort of GUID feature, ID length or type (numeric or alphanum) is not relevant.

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It depends on how complex you need the GUID to be.

You could have 3 or 4 autogen numbers starting at different numbers and then join/merge them. You could also (preferred) have a date & time field and then a formula to append an autogen value from another field. Use SUBSTITUTE to get rid of the date and time formatting.
The date & time portion should keep it unique adn then as extra measure add the autogen value.

I hope this helps.

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Good idea, thanks.
Is there a format for just date & time in Linux time number? ex. 2004-09-16T00:00:00Z, 12677 days after the epoch, is represented by the Unix time number 12677 × 86400 = 1095292800.
That would suffice. It would be incremental but not sequential.

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