Ragic WordPress Importer


Let’s make working with “Ragic” and “WordPress” together, an even more popular option!!!

Here me out for a minute here!

I am using a popular WordPress theme for Real Estate and would like to easily get data (Listing Ads) from the company’s Ragic database (our management software), into the company’s WordPress website!

I am looking into options at the moment! However, can I suggest the creation of a “Ragic WordPress Plugin” that would be able to facilitate this as well as other WordPress post/page imports as well! It would have to interact with Ragic API, JSON or the CSV file for example, and would require the following features:
*Can autosuggest/populate field ID (Important)
*Can save import templates
*Can Schedule the Import
*Can update/delete existing records
*Field Mapping (not a must-have, as technically minded people can easily arrange the fields accordingly, prior to import)
*Supports Custom Post Types (I don’t need this, as “all post” can be treated the same, but it does make it easier when combined with a field mapping feature)
*Supports Custom Fields (I don’t need this either, as I can easily add the post fields beforehand, but it is handy/smart as it shows that pretty much everything has been covered as far as importing data goes)
*Can set Author the corresponding import field
*Can import image from URL and

I am sure that this kind of Plugin would help to promote Ragic within the WordPress community, for instance!

I know that there are some “free” options available, but they are unsupported, not regularly updated and so on… I also imagine that you may also not wish to encroach on what is being offered by way of the “paid versions”.

However, there are ways that you can get around this… For instance, you can make such Plugin, “Ragic only”, so that it can only be used for importing, and maybe even exporting too (as exporting is really no big deal), to and from super Ragi…

I hope you like my feature suggestion here, and I welcome others to support its development as well!

Till next time!

In serious anticipation!

WordPress-Ragic Enthusiast!

Hello, I push ragic data to WP with WP all import plugin but have some limit with periodic updates (not live time), one time per day. But no have idea how to update ragic data from WP (WP all export not working for ready maded lists).

Hi Vladimir,

Firstly, thanks for your response to this post!

I have had a look at the WP All Import plugin myself. It seems to be the go-to plugin for Word Press advanced importing, with only a handful of other reasonable “supported” solution being available today!

I am surprised to hear that you are only able to import once day, for me that not too bad, but for other projects, that might not really be the best possible solution!

I am actually at the moment looking into having this purchased by the co that I am commissioned to do this work for. It’s only about $100 USD. The free version that WP All Imports offers is not very useful though, for regular updates and does not support Image importing among other things. I still have to complete my checking of the other plugins before I get the “go ahead”, some free mind you!

Anyway, thanks again for your response!

And I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am absolutely certain that the wonderful team that I have had the pleasure to speak with at Ragic, are surely “happy” to have received such a “good” and resourceful suggestion. :slight_smile:

I only hope that they…one day do find the time to implement it!


I hope that you also inform me of your discoveries plugins.
On the other hand, except for wordpress I’m interested in connectors for CAD systems, etc. I think it is the most versatile solution is ODBC drivers for ragic.

Hi Kane,

Sorry for the late reply. The suggestion is a little broad, so we found it a little hard to process. But we would still like to clarify what you’re suggesting. So please let me know if I got this right:

You’re suggesting a Wordpress plug-in that can read data from Ragic and create a page for each record on the Ragic source sheet?

Because if there are general purpose Wordpress Plug-ins available for data import like you mentioned, it should be fairly easy to take a CSV feed or Excel feed from Ragic as its data source. You should be able to get this data feed from the Publish to the web feature.

Hi Jeff,

Today at my mother’s real estate business, we copy-and-paste property listings from our Ragic Database into our company website! So it’s a manual process, so I’m looking into automating this activity, at some point!

The current solution today is to use a WordPress Plugin. However, there are only a handful of these plugins available! And I have tested using some of them for my purpose and they don’t seem to be able to get the job done! I still have some tests to do!

So I am at the point where I feel like, “If Ragic had a Word Press plugin that could do this, that would be super great!”



PS _ It could be a real “bear-bones” approach (basic approach), importing into the root directory with no “field mapping” or “custom field” support. However, worth noting, if it does have “scheduling”, then in my view the import plugin would not be considered compromised in any way! Then, let’s say, if an update/delete records feature is included as well, then need I say we would be moving more towards “syncing capability”, versus an “importing” capability…
PSS_ I also noticed that if Ragic did go down this road, then they would have the opportunity to be able to make such a plugin, “Ragic Only”, where the use of it could be limited somehow, so that it is only able to be used for data transfer, between Ragic and WordPress - obviously this could be important!

“Now, I also feel that having this kind of dedicated WordPress plugin to do this would be warmly welcomed by both the WordPress community and the Ragic community!”

As always, best of luck!


I’m a little late to the thread here but you might want to take a look at Airpress to see what is possible. I used this Airtable/Wordpress plugin with some success. Perhaps this plugin could be ported to Radic.

another suggestion (which i have added as a request) could be Integromat integration. If you haven’t come across integromat, it’s like Zapier on Steroids. You can define workflows and manipulate data in real time. If Ragic could send data to Integromat, you could manipulate the data as required then push to WP.