Ragic slow when doing calcs often


I have noticed Ragic seems to do mass updates or deletes in various sheet record listings and I thought i was just due to formulas or code I had made. However I have seen the same thing in sheets with limited or not formulas or code.

Today I also saw this when opening a report and no deletes had taken place.

I get the impression Ragic keeps running things when it does not need to and that slows down the experience.

Are other people seeing the same or do you know why this happens?

I am crazy busy so when I have time I will try to recreate it.


I am not sure if it is because of the mass edits i have been doing, but these last few days my ragic site is specially slower than before.

I have to reload the page as it is becoming irresponssive sometimes. This happens specially after I hit a command like Save, Change Design, Back, etc.

Is the site having a maintenance session?

I have been monitoring and I get the blow when I am just opening a new sheet list of records.
When I do not get this Ragic is more reactive.


Any help please?