RAGIC! personalized implementation


We are looking for developer who can help us migrate our current Google Sheets internal development into RACIG.

we have a nice problem in our organization, we have outgrown our internally developed system we used for administrating this tasks

  • product details and traceability (food product)
  • tests and analysis of each product
  • quotations and sales
  • purchases and consolidating of containers
    We have a independent ERP (DEAR + XERO) systems for managing Inventories and Accounting, and there is no need to integrate them.

We are looking for is a software solution to migrate from our internally developed Google Sheets, we currently have 8 google sheets with different tables of information, queries, pivot tables and reports we print to PDF, we also use some google forms to capture information by cellphone, and all the information is linked between sheets with importrange formula, and we restrict access to different users using protect cell (edit/view permission) as well as give access to different sheet to different people).

We need this new platform to be:

  • secure and can audit of changes
  • user specific restrictions to view/edit/access
  • web based (globally accesible)
  • external user (supplier, client) can view/edit restricted filtered information
  • we can edit and make reports as needed
  • enter data in a cellphone like a google form (use in lab for test and analysis of quality of products)
  • export some data to Excel/CSV to share with other partner company systems

We have various remote locations, an a team of ~10 people (looking to expand to 50+ in the future)
We have been evaluating between using FileMaker and Airtable as our possible solutions.

Kindly let us know if you would be intersted in working on our project as well as send us some examples of your past development skills.

Best regards, Carlos


Hi Carlos,

I’ve built a robust system of my own that includes most of the features you mentioned and many other Ragic databases for others. If you’d like to touch base, my email maurice@appem.com