Ragic numeric field names in JSon


I built and API to calculate SLA and wanted to share it with the community to consume from other Ragic solutions.

The only issue I have is getting the value from a Ragic field in JS as the fields names are numeric.

I can get the value of: _create_date using:
var objSLA = JSON.parse(respSLA);
var x = objSLA.data._create_date;

But then I can’t get the value for field 1000525 using:
var y = objSLA.data.[‘1000525’];
var y = objSLA.data.‘1000525’
var y = objSLA.data.1000525

This is the full Json result.
“status”: “SUCCESS”,
“msg”: " ",
“ragicId”: 36,
“rv”: " ",
“data”: {
“1000519”: “37”,
“1000520”: “”,
“1000522”: “Yes”,
“1000523”: “2020/12/21 15:01:00”,
“1000524”: “120”,
“1000525”: “2020/12/22 08:01:00”,
“1000526”: “8”,
“1000527”: “17”,
“_ragicId”: 36,
“_star”: false,
“_create_date”: “2020/12/23 11:28:44”,
“_create_user”: “RagicSolutions@gmail.com”,
index_calDates”: “d1000523 2020/12/21 15:01:00 d1000525 2020/12/22 08:01:00”,
index_title”: “120”,
index”: “”

Please can some help me.


Please refer to this page on how to switch between field id and field names:


Thanks this will be useful however I am not able to get it working like I read it.

This does not work:
curl --get -d “2000463=FNAME”
-H “Authorization:Basic c1BaY1RLcEsxYzRUanNDWkcxSkpQUy93SU9wVTJCalNVOWJNTFRzQThmTjNtVlJmMGgrdWZMM3grcnB…”
-d api

curl --get -d “Event ID=FNAME” \ does not work

curl --get -d “2000464=EID” \ does work

curl --get -d “2000463=EID” \ does not work and 2000463 is on the same sheet.

Please can you provide more detail and examples.

Thank you kindly


Any news on this, please?