Ragic license offered as an add-on package for Synology NAS

I am one of the Synology NAS users.
As you know, Synology NAS offers many attractive add-on packages.
Recently, I found Ragic offered as an add-on and installed it to test its features.
The features offered by Ragic were great and I was hooked on creating Ragic applications on the NAS.
Recently, however, I discovered that there is license information in the Ragic settings menu, and I also noticed that there is an expiration date set there.

My question is, what happens if I exceed the expiration date?
In addition, what rights or restrictions are there on the licensing of Ragic applications that are offered as add-on packages?

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The Ragic application on Synology NAS is equivalent to the on-premise version. When your license/trial expires, the system page will display a message informing you that your license has expired, and during this period, the application will be unavailable. However, your data and structure will be preserved until you renew your license to resume usage.

The permissions and features of the on-premise version are the same as the online version. Please refer to the pricing page for more information. If needed, please follow the licensing process outlined on that page to obtain the necessary license.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Please let me know the cost for me to keep my license after the expiration date.
Currently, the permissions granted to me in this add-on package version is for 1 user.
I would like to keep this number after the license renewal.


The on-premise version requires a minimum of 10 users for licensing. If you only need it for one user, please consider using the online Professional version. For more details, please refer to the Ragic Pricing page.