RAGIC Intergration with Xero

My client uses Xero accounting online. I frequently export their sales data & import this data into RAGIC to provide revenue by project data. Is it possible to automate this process ?
Or am I just dreaming?


If you have developers, we provide Ragic API, and you may write your own code to integrate different applications with Raigc.
If you don’t have developers, you may use Zaiper to integrate Ragic and Xero: Connect your Ragic to Xero integration in 2 minutes | Zapier, for more information you may refer to: Zapier Integration

Thought this was missing from this thread!

Integrating Ragic With External Applications


Periodic Import from URL (ragic.com)

If the other application can periodically export (or at least if the other party can periodically export and save the file somewhere manually e.g. in google sheets or excel/OneDrive).

Then, Ragic can import that file (.csv .xlsx .txt).

Actually, Ragic stores an excel version of each database sheet as a URL (Tools>Publish to the Web), and I’m not sure if other applications can do the same, but if they do, then you could, as I’m thinking, use this URL with the “Periodic Import from URL” feature mentioned above!