Ragic Email Conversations

Ragic email conversations are really cool.
Is it possible to access the data in a Ragic email conversation and make it part of the record like a subtable?

Things like a list of attachments and content contained in the emails with date.

Is it possible to add a flag to a record in list view showing that there has been an email response.


Please refer to this article, it will lead you to create an entry from a received e-mail.

Thank You!

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Thank you again, this is great. I have some additional questions about this.

  1. I don’t see a email content variable for the attachments on the incoming email, is there a way to capture this data? I tried a few things but can’t figure out how to save attachments to the record.

  2. Label - Is it possible to map the label field also. This could be used to map emails to other records.


There’s no variable supported for attachments currently, it might need to be managed manually.

Not quite sure what you mean about label, would you mind sharing some examples for a closer look?