Ragic Affiliate Program - When available

Hello, please keep me informed when your affiliate program commences. I am using Ragic and I think my company could easily resell Ragic to local businesses but feel the partner program isn’t for us.


Thanks for posting.
Our Partnership SaaS Service Launch Plan has just released.
By joining this plan, you can create a public version of the database system that you want to sell to customers.
In the future, after users register for your service, they will gain a copy of all the forms in your public account to their newly registered account, and turn them into the database software they purchased. They won’t have any rights to modify the form design, so the integrity of your system design becomes very important.

For further information, please email to support@ragic.com.
We’ll provide a document of this plan for your reference.

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Can you provide more details on this program? How do we get started? What are the exact steps that we need to follow?


Would you mind email to support@ragic.com, we will provide the detail and document of this program.