quote with sub-groups 'or chapters)

Hi all
We have a lot of quotes on which we group rooms or types of installations, with below the subtotal.
And at the bottom we sum al the subtotals into the project total.
Like you can see on the attachment.
quote example
Someone that can give me some steps if this is achievable ?
Maybe a link to a post that discusses this already ?
Thanks !

Q1) Do you need to print out the quote like the spreadsheet shown above?
If you need to print it out like that, it might gets a bit more tricky for the standard database form to handle, since you have difference types of elements on different rows.

Q2) Are there a fixed / max number of “room templates” you would quote on each form?
If you can set a max for each quote, then you might be able to just list the form with fields setup like what you currently have.

I think there might be an alternative way to go about it.
Which is to separate the Qty of the Room templates and the items list for each room.


*[field] Quote ID
*[field] Customer ID
*[field] Room 1 Qty *[field] Room 1 Subtotal
*[field] Room 2 Qty *[field] Room 2 Subtotal
*[field] Room 3 Qty *[field] Room 3 Subtotal
*[field] Room 4 Qty *[field] Room 4 Subtotal
*[field] Room 5 Qty *[field] Room 5 Subtotal

*[Subtable] Item List:
RoomNo* | artnr | description | brand | # | unit price | Room Qty** | Subtotal

*RoomNo: user select from #1 - #5
**Room Qty: select based on Room # Qty field above by using formula. e.g. IF(RoomNo = 1, Room1Qty, … )


This way you can list all the items in the same subtable.
However, it really depends on how you want to use and represent these data later on.