Quickview button for subtable records

Hi there, I think this isn’t possible at the moment but thought I’d check – we use a number of subtables in our Ragic application, and often need to navigate from one sheet to another via the subtable records. Currently to do this, we hover over a record in any given subtable, wait for it’s preview pane to appear, then click on the blue ‘open in a new tab’ icon. This works fine, but is a bit slow and clunky, especially if you miss the preview pane and it closes itself before you click the icon in time.

Is it possible to add a quick view button to each row in subtables that opens up into a new tab when you click it?



You can link your subtable row to the relevant entry directly. Please refer to this tutorial.

Hi Angie,

Our subtables are created from existing sheets. Can we still follow the method you linked to?


If the subtabe is added by show references from existing sheets, you may refer to this document.

That’s great, thanks Angie.

What if you want the text field to link to a sheet that’s not the sheet the subtable is created from, though?


Would you mind to share some user cases so that I can offer suggestions based on your need?

Hi Angie, sure.

For instance, we have sheet that contains records for individual people.
We have another sheet that contains records for individual jobs.
We have a 3rd sheet that contains individual purchase orders/records of work done on a job. These are always linked to both a person and a job.

On the jobs sheet, we have a subtable that references the existing 3rd sheet. It collates all the purchase records related to that job record.

When viewing this subtable, it would be useful to be able to click on the name of the person linked to each purchase order. But at the moment it’s only possible to click through to the purchase order record, since that’s the sheet being referenced.

Hi Jordan,

OK. We will talk to our development team to see if we can add this option for quick previews.


Opening the source record when clicking on the linked field value is now available!
Users can configure it through Personal Settings:

Hi Amy, I just tried this, but get sent to this link every time I click on any linked field: https://eu2.ragic.com/testaccount7/amy/5/2 – which gives a 404…

Hi Jordan,

I’ve reported this issue to our developers and will keep you posted once the issue fixed.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience that may occur to you and your team.

Hi Jordan,

We just applied a fixed on this issue, would you please try again and see if it works as expected?