Question regarding cross sheet functionality?


I have a database template that I’m continuously working on, and would like to be able to import new data as effectively as possible into the database. I have suggested that “when importing contacts, properties, listings, land, building and MKTG units into House DB initially, remember to use a “linked filed”, by that I mean use a common reference on all such records, like any previous property reference number that you may be using. So that the imported records can be easily identified “across” sheets, afterwards.” However if there are many records and you do wish to automatically have the responding records “link” themselves after being individually imported into the separate database sheets, rather than having to do this manually, then how would I do this? I tried to use a temporary “Link & Load” to populate the values but even though I could link the common “Old Listing #” fields, I was unable to “load” the person’s name for some reason “???” on the “PROPTERY’s: Owners & Contacts” sheets on

Please help!



To populate the loaded field when importing files, you’ll need to check “Execute the link and load” in the advanced setting under import policy.

That’s good advice! In this case when importing new data into the sheets of House DB, selecting “Execute Link and Load” should really be done, also I will be selecting “Recalculate all Formulas” from now when doing these data imports.

Now my question was in regards to a temporary “link and load” that I can set up before importing data into House DB. This link and load is specifically for linking the correct “contacts” to “properties”, which is normally just done when a new property record is being created. So there is usually no Link and Load setup for a property’s contacts, these entries as I said are just selected.

The two sheets I intend to temporary link are:

  1. Contacts
  2. PROPERTY’S: Owners & Contacts

As I said I intend to temporary link these fields using the old listing number (i.e. the hidden field labelled “Listing#2”) to then therefore have the “PROPERTY’S: Owners & Contacts” sheet populated with the correct contacts.

This “Link and Load” can be set up before and as you did mentioned “executed when importing any initial data”. I guess then afterwards I can obviously delete the link and load.

But like I said Angie, when I tested it I could get the link field, the old Listing # to link (in a new set of links) but could not get the contacts to “load”, in other words the link and load module would not allow the linking for the persons name for loading purposes. The field was a different colour and “unlikable”…

So I deleted this “new set of links” from the “PROPERTY’S: Owners & Contacts” sheets and decided to check with the forum.