Purchasing Template: Vendors table: How can a "bulletin user" modify records


In the Purchasing template, in the vendor table:

We have two user

    1. user is set as administrator
    1. user is set as bulletin user

We now want that the 2. user can also

  • modify existing records (vendors)
  • ad new records (vendors)

Although, this should be possible for a bulletin user, the 2. user cannot perform these two actions.

How can we get this rights for the 2. user?

This, acknowledging the fact, that there are no onwerships we can transfer with the vendor record (like for example withing the sales templates)



For Access Rights, bulletin users can view all entries, create new entry and modify only their own entries.
If you would like to let the 2. user to modify existing entries, the 2. user should be configured as Admin of the sheet. Or you just want the user have rights to modify some of the entries, you can assign entries to this user like the sales order template do (add a Select User field type and set selected user as entry manager).

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