product BOM possible - maybe variable BOM

I tried a bit with Ragic and most things are self explaining after a while.
I am working in a furniture company.
Is a product BOM (Bill of material) possible with Ragic?


Product A
has subtable which consist of

Product B
Product C (also has his own BOM)

i have in mind a product form
with subtable BOM where a Product field is linked.
So i choose there a Product and maybe fill addtional fields like length & width.
In general it’s easy to build and i have had it. I get some troubles with some price updates.

Next thing would be a sales order, where i choose e.g.
1x Product “Table” and set there some variables : length, width, height, material
The BOM should fill then out after Action?

1 x Table top in measures length, witdth, material
4 x Table feets in measures length = Table.height - Table top.thickness

Any ideas or maybe persons who do a bit the same.


Due to the database limitation, it may need further scripting to achieve the function of BOM. Currently, we’re under developing the production management template which contains the function of BOM. We’ll keep you posted once the template released. :slight_smile:

That would be very useful for us as well…!

Has anyone seriously used the above in a Manufacturing Environment?

After looking into this further… BOM construction and forward looking data/information gathering is there but reverse lookup going from Inventory to finding out what BOM a Part is used in is not possible.

*** Update *** “Show references from existing sheet” is a method to achieve “Where Used” functionality… still trying to work out details for a data entry within sub-table.

You can achieve this with steps below:

Step 1. In the “Bills of Materials (BOM)” sheet, use “New sheet from subtable” to create a new sheet based on “BOM#” field.

Step 2. In the “Inventory” sheet, use “Show references from existing sheet” to insert the sheet you created in step 1 as a subtable.

Then, you’ll be able to see linked BOM when you access an entry in the “Inventory” sheet.