Problem hiding fields using Conditional Formatting

I’m getting inconsistent results while trying to hide groups of fields using conditional formatting. I have set up several conditional formatting rules based on the results of one particular field. I have used an “OR” statement in each rule and selected numerous fields to be hidden. Yet, Ragic will hide some of the fields but not others. Is there a maximum number that can be hidden with each rule? Any help would be most appreciated!


Would you like to allow Ragic support to access your account to test and better understand your database and your issue? You can do this by clicking on the “Need Help” button located on the top right of your screen, and submit a support ticket and enter your question with the complete details such as the link of the sheet, description of your process, screenshots/video recording (please upload your video to this link, etc.

Thank you, Fabio. I have submitted a ticket as you suggested.