Printing QR Code Labels

Does anyone have a good way to print QR codes along with a text field to some standard Avery size labels? I’ve tried using the label maker without much success getting them to fit standard labels.

I tried using mail merge but Word would not accept/print the QR code.


Printing labels or QR codes of multiple entries can only be done using the label maker report. Could you please describe how is the report not working correctly for you with some related images for us to refer to?

Hi ted,
Check out this free app -

Personally I do not find the label function in Ragic flexible enough. So for our daily operations, we actually export the data to excel to print via Bartender.

Not familiar with Avery Labels. However, if your label printer can work with custom size Word/Excel output, maybe another way is to create QR Code image along with the text field you need, and export to the Word/Excel file via Mail Merge (Export to Excrl/Word)