printing / export & mail as pdf wanted

I am just trying out Ragic,
for a while and some functions are very good.

Although it seems there is only these “printer friendly” printing.
(and mailmerge). Is there a way to send pdf’s as email attachment with an Action button or download them in an easier flow,
that would be a big step forward.

And In a more nice way, also with some header and footer, which is not shown at the form stage?
And formatting always the same, e.g. in the “Reports” i see formatting of e.g. cell length could be different for the same form. And this looks ugly then.



We’ve received several requests regarding mail merge to PDF or download as a PDF file. As the function is still under discussion, I’ll add you to the notify list once the feature release. :slight_smile:

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Dear Angie,

thank you for your answer, but how long are you already discussing?

Is there are roadmap availible for Ragic?
(maybe with currently in discussing & planned features/changes)


Admittedly export as PDF has been on our roadmap for quite a while. We have been getting occasional requests for this for a long time, but because our developers haven’t been able to find a suitable way to implement this. It will speed up quite a bit once we find a suitable way to implement HTML+CSS to PDF conversion, but right now we’re a little stuck on finding a proper solution.

As for the roadmap, we’re hoping to use this feature request discussion as a way to gather feedback and enable our users to understand Ragic roadmap a bit better.

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I am also interested in this feature, so far I have been test driving Ragic! and I like it, although there is lot of work to be done from my side to get where I need it to be…
anyway I found this link that maybe it will help

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I read your reply, took notes, and forgot to reply. I will definitely look into this suggestion and see if we can implement it using this method.

Also interested.
Any timespan this could become available?

In past, I have used the following for html to pdf conversion which worked for us.

Hi just wondering if there is any update on this feature request?