printing / export & mail as pdf wanted

I am just trying out Ragic,
for a while and some functions are very good.

Although it seems there is only these “printer friendly” printing.
(and mailmerge). Is there a way to send pdf’s as email attachment with an Action button or download them in an easier flow,
that would be a big step forward.

And In a more nice way, also with some header and footer, which is not shown at the form stage?
And formatting always the same, e.g. in the “Reports” i see formatting of e.g. cell length could be different for the same form. And this looks ugly then.



We’ve received several requests regarding mail merge to PDF or download as a PDF file. As the function is still under discussion, I’ll add you to the notify list once the feature release. :slight_smile:

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Dear Angie,

thank you for your answer, but how long are you already discussing?

Is there are roadmap availible for Ragic?
(maybe with currently in discussing & planned features/changes)


Admittedly export as PDF has been on our roadmap for quite a while. We have been getting occasional requests for this for a long time, but because our developers haven’t been able to find a suitable way to implement this. It will speed up quite a bit once we find a suitable way to implement HTML+CSS to PDF conversion, but right now we’re a little stuck on finding a proper solution.

As for the roadmap, we’re hoping to use this feature request discussion as a way to gather feedback and enable our users to understand Ragic roadmap a bit better.

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I am also interested in this feature, so far I have been test driving Ragic! and I like it, although there is lot of work to be done from my side to get where I need it to be…
anyway I found this link that maybe it will help

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I read your reply, took notes, and forgot to reply. I will definitely look into this suggestion and see if we can implement it using this method.

Also interested.
Any timespan this could become available?

In past, I have used the following for html to pdf conversion which worked for us.

Hi just wondering if there is any update on this feature request?

I am also interested in this feature and it would make a big difference to my workflow. Is there any plans to implement this soon?

Jeff could this work of called from inside Ragic using API calls?

Could we send something like an embedded URL with an API key? We could then print reports to PDF also.


We could really use this feature. Any updates?

Any chance of this feature happening? It would be amazing!

Just wondering what’s the progress on this feature?