Price for few admins and many readonly users

We have a business case with about 10 users that should have write access and 100 users should only have read access.

Is the only option we have to pay for 110 user accounts, or can you recommend some other setup? I guess sharing accounts is not allowed?


If your sheet data can allow all users to read, you can set the individual sheet access right of EVERYONE as viewers.

We have the same issue but the Ragic Help Desk confirmed if you are sharing the sheet with others, they must be at the same level as the “Sheet Sharer”. Therefore, if the 10 users have $19/month (unlimited) and they are to share their sheets with others for read-only purpose, those read-only users must also be on the same plan - $19/month. Therefore, 110 users would have to pay $19/month each.

Hi Stefanm,

Are these 100 read-only users all going to be using the system “at the same time”?
If they use the system on and off and not all at once.
Ragic do offer the option of “concurrent user” ($49.9/concurrent user) instead of a fixed $19/user.

So if your use case is not all 100 users using the system concurrently, you might benefit from using a smaller number of concurrent users.

As to sharing accounts, there’s no limit on different people using the same account, just that it’s not the best practice. However, you will also be limited by the concurrent usage. One account can only be used at any one time. The previous login session will be logged out on other browsers or computers.