Previous value

This is a recurrent question in databases : when creating a new record, you sometimes need to pick up a certain value in the previous record : e.g. every time you fill up the tank of your car, you make a note of the mileage (kilometrage), the volume of gasoline and the total amount. But you also need to know what was the mileage last time you filled up the tank. That value automatically fills a field “ancient_mileage”…
How do you achieve this ?
Thank you


It seems like you need to keep track of multiple values over time within an entry. In this case, I would suggest using subtables. For example, you may have a sheet to save and process the data of your cars, and you can use a subtable to keep track of a car’s different mileage daily or every time you fill the tank up.

Thanks Fabio,

This is another way to do it but why not? I will learn how to make subtables in Ragic (elsewhere called “included format”). As I said : it is only a matter of getting used to it.


If you are simply updating a field’s value constantly, all the modifications will still be listed in the field’s field history. However, it won’t be directly listed on your entry, which is why I suggested using subtables to keep track and display all historical mileage field values.