Post Workflow On Record Deletion or Better "Combining Buttons"

Post-workflow currently runs when a record is ‘saved’. Is it possible for it to also run when a record is deleted? Specifically, we’d like to be able to create a button within a Form which first runs Tool(DeleteEntry) to delete the current record and closes the form, and then runs post-workflow javascript.

(Obviously we can delete the current record using javascript but I don’t think we can then close the form in the user’s browser - thus the desire to use DeleteEntry, which does close the form).

An alternative might be for us to be able to combine buttons which include javascript - i.e. have one ‘combined’ button that runs a “sub” button which runs tool DeleteEntry and another “sub” button which runs a javascript function.

“Deleting script” is in our development queue, it might be the solution to this subject.

We’re thinking about putting condition in pre/post workflow or let deleting workflow be a new part.

Once the feature released, we will reply in this thread.

Conditionality for post workflow would be great, thanks Hank.

Hi Hank, happy new year! Amy word yet on when post-workflow triggered by record deletion might be available?

Hi Mike,

Happy new year! We’ve checked with development team, it’s in development queue and might need more time to be ready, we would see if there’s any chance to bring this forward.