Possible to Load another Table data from a table based on ID (Automatically)?

Hi There,

Not sure whether I can explain this correctly. but I will try:

I got 2 table and each table have a common ID.

What I would like to do is to have the 1st table that listed out all the information from table 2 that have the same common ID. currently I can do it manually by adding them one by one.

Is there a way that I can just automatically show all the related list from table 1 that contain common Id 2?



Since there might be some different designs, would you mind to open a support ticket and provide the URL of your sheet? You could reach out to it on the upper-right corner of database. So that we could have a closer look at database design and assist you.

Hi Hank,

Thanks to your reply. I actually manage to find the solution from the forum.


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