populating a field

I need to populate details from another sheet but also add new details how is this done?


Since I’m not quite sure about what you meant, could you please elaborate more by using an actual example for us to refer to?


This is the form I want to take name address information from
And this is the form I want to populate. I can link the fields but can not add new name address etc on the enquiry form if it is not in the linked table

I understand I can link and load and add new Client details but These people are not to be added to the client details, they are general enquiries some of which are new individuals who should not be added to the clients but whose details must be recorded into the enquiry sheet.
I hope this clarifies for you


If you set a field as “Select from other sheet” field type, then all of the field values will need to be selected from the source sheet. That means you won’t be able to create a new individual while not saving it in the “Client” sheet.

From your description, I would suggest creating another free text field type to record those individuals.