Please Help

I have built a database in Excel but Ragic is just what I have been looking for.

I am skilled at Excel/VBA but not much experience with relational database. Hope someone can help.

My project is fairly simple… I have 1000 contacts with 7 types (used selection) and it also calculates days since last contact. I also want to be able to input opportunities for individual clients/prospects then filter by

  • Pipeline Status
  • Client Category
  • Days Since Last Contact
  • All Opportunities

I have other ideas but this will be my starting point.

Have created a Contact sheet that I really like but don’t know if I create a separate sheet for opportunities then link to individual client pages. When I try to link the fields in the Opportunity page are shared grey except “comments”

In advance thanks for the help


The field greys out since it’s not suitable for setting up as the linked field. You may refer to this article for further details.

Hi there,

You mentioned that you are new to Ragic, so let me start by congratulating you on making such a wise choice! The Ragic staff are most helpful should you fall into any difficulty, and FYI… should you not find what you are looking for in the Educational Centre then you will probably be able to get assistance via this forum!

I am a Ragic Partner now, and I am able to set up new accounts, for which I get a small commission. Also, I do Ragic development work at a price agreed upon by the client. So just to let you know if you would like someone to do the work for you, you can hire a Ragic Partner like me, to do it for you. See by “gig” below (on for further details…

Best wishes!


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