Please help with password protected query!

Hi guys,

I would be eternally grateful if you would be so kind to help with this formula, or should I say Java script!

The form page “OWNER LOGIN (Admin View)” is at
Note: There is also another view, a non admin view, “OWNER LOGIN” that you can refer too, basically it’s the same sheet with some fields hidden.

I would like for a customer…owner to be able to be given a unique login, so that they could navigate to the OWNER LOGIN screen, punch in the number, then a password, and their personal record would appear.

At the moment the record appears without having to enter the password. There is a “Password” field which is filled when the new record is being created by admin… in addition to the “Enter Password” field for the customer to fill, and there is also a “Formula” field that I have included thus far in an effort to get this to work.

It would also be necessary for the “Enter Password” field to be “wiped clear” after having been entered to initiate required sub table query…

I look forward to your assistance!


Hi Kane,

Are you looking for this function? (It’s a embedded tool that users can view the data by entering the query that is exact matched without setting the sheet to public.)

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Hi Amy,

That’s bloody amazing! I could not have even imagined that this was already built in to Ragic. It was easy to do, basically I just used the “embed this sheet” function found in the tool menu and selected “Exact Mode” as per the instructions that you have so graciously directed me to…



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Glad that it helps! :slight_smile: