Pivot Table Customizations


It would be great to see some more stylistics choices possible with Pivot Tables. Notably, when there is text in the value field, it is always right justified. I understand it can be set to left and center justified in the sheet entries, but a similar option for pivot tables would be nice.

Secondly, when a value field has multiple text entries being displayed from multiple sheet entries, it is currently only displayed with a comma between them. This is a little hard to read, and it would be easier to read if there was an option to display each text entry from a sheet on a new line.



It’s currently not supported to modify the alignment of the text on your Pivot Tables. If it is supported in the future, we will let you know immediately.
For your second issue about displaying multiple text entries, would you mind submitting a support ticket and provide us with the necessary information so we can better understand the situation? Generally, information such as descriptions of your workflow, the ideal display, and some screenshots of the current situation would definitely help.

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