Photo URL to show photo in cell

I have a large master file of products with their photos in url’s. How I can place them on my Ragic sheet so as to see the actual photo and not just the URL? I tried the Google sheet’s image() to enter the photo in the cell and then import that sheet to R! but the photo doesn’t show.


May we know if those URLs are open to the public or if they’re links within your desktop?

If those URLs are open to the public, you may try the workaround below:

Step 1. Let’s say the image URLs are located in the A column in your Excel file, please generate a BBCode link in the B column with the formulas below:


Step 2. Copy and paste the B column as plain text

Step. Import the BBCode links into a free text field on the Ragic sheet.

Then, the picture should be displayed. Note that the workaround only works for URLs that are open to the public. (“Open to the public” means whoever clicks on the link will be able to view the pictures.)

On the other hand, if those URLs are links to the file on your desktop, it’s not supported to display them directly in the Ragic sheet due to security concerns. You’ll need to upload them to a cloud service and use the workaround stated above.

Hey Angie, thanks for getting back to me.

The URLs are public indeed. I’m not familiar with BBcodes and RAGIC in general. I’m testing R! to determine if it’s the right tool to create my Inventory and Sales management app. I’m currently working with Google Sheets, but I’m afraid I hit its limits regarding the data volume.

Can you please explain to me like I’m six years old or …86 -which actually I’m closer to? D)

Before your comment, I read about BBcodes and placed this [img] formula in a “free text” cell in R! referring to the cell with the URL, but nothing happened. What’s the difference with your way? Do I have to do it before importing the whole sheet to R!? I don’t understand how to follow your steps.



Please send us a support ticket via “Need Help?” and provide a sample file you would like to import so that we could give detailed steps.

OK. I will, Thank you Angie.